I strongly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Still four years ago I had absolutely no idea I was about to work within yoga. It was in 2009 a dance related injury led me to do yoga as rehabilitation. To my surprise it became a whole new path for me. Yoga profoundly gave me lots of life energy, openness and a clearer insight of myself and through that, of my surroundings.
I can easily say that I am falling in love with yoga more and more every day. It is a path and every step is a bliss. Every class is an unique experience for me and I embrace each opportunity to share the light yoga gives me. Yoga definitively is about discovering your personal strength and sharing it with others and that way becoming even stronger and compassionate - something i consider very much needed in the hectic world we are living in. We need to support each other.
In spring 2010 I spent a month in beautiful Thailand deepening my yoga practice. During my trip it became clear to me that yoga had come to stay in my life and that I wanted to instruct others. After returning home I started studying yoga philosophy and anatomy in guidance of the fantastic and in high demand- yoga and pilates teacher Satu Tuomela. Today I teach yoga styles such as vinyasa flow, hot yoga and yin yoga.

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