Dance for me is a way to explore and comprehend life better, stronger and more distinct. It also teaches me about humanity. The context of dance creating a whole culture and gathering people together truly fascinates and triggers me. I've always felt the need to understand dance more fully as a culture- its function to us human beings. This need has made me travel a lot and kept my spirit open to many dance styles.
As a dancer I categorize contemporary dance as my main style but in reality I am a movement junkie. I keep switching between different dance forums; from a contemporary dance performance to a sweaty basement house club. I might be found on a professional ballet class just as well as teaching a Cuban salsa class. It's all about the love for movement for me.
I'm a highly intuitive person and that's why improvisation and interpretation stand close to my heart. Finding and embracing the actual moment is universally magical. It's that feeling of being totally alive right there, right then - being present - that we all search for. For me, that state is best found through improvisation or been given the chance to freely interpret set movement material. It's in instinctive movement I find my freedom.