Teaching for me is a way to learn and develop. When ever teaching I emphasize the social aspect of the situation, which keeps the learning process more alive and updated. Coming together and sharing experiences is extremely important, more than we often realize or give value to. I always encourage my students to verbalize their wishes and arising thoughts spontaneously. I want my classes to stay communicative, filled with liveliness and clarity.

My dance teaching has a strong focus on musicality and individual interpretation. I often challenge students to find their own flow to the given steps or combo. I find this kind of method as an excellent tool towards a better self discovery, which really is my aim with teaching. By letting the body move and take over the control-loving mind one strengthens the true essence of the Self. Dancing is not only fun, it can also be extremely constructive.

As a yoga teacher I tend to read the situation constantly. All living things have their unique life energy and that surely involves days and groups of people. No moment of yoga will have the same dynamic than another and that is what I try my best keeping in mind when instructing others on their yoga practice. My yoga classes are built on a combination of my personal energy of that given moment meeting with the energies of the space and the yoga practitioners in question. With my teaching I try to answer to what I sense is needed within that specific moment and group of individuals. It is a practice built together, so to say. After all, the word yoga is translated into English as unity.